Help needed!

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Help needed!

Post by ARCTroopaNate »

I used Microsoft points from my live account to purchase and download. Battlfield 1943 and Two of the Extra Missions for Star Wars The Force Unleashed. The Battlefield tutorial mission works fine but when I try a quick match it says my live account does not have the necessary requirements! TFU missions cannot be played. When I select the downloaded levels the play now option is grayed out and when I try it nothing happens. I spent money on these games and help would be nice so I can play them.
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Re: Help needed!

Post by Teancum »

Your best bet would be to hit up Microsoft directly for support. If you have a Twitter account you can tweet @XboxSupport. They have a great team on the Twitter account and respond fast. One of my fellow co-workers is on the XboxSupport Twitter team (^AC). ... shoot/home!/XboxSupport
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