Need Help on editing KOTOR lightmaps

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Need Help on editing KOTOR lightmaps

Post by nokolok »

So ive been editing the texture of a mask in KOTOR by changing the colors. I want to make a neon light looking stripe down the center. In Photoshop the brightness of the stripe is the same as the eyes (which shine bright already like i want it to. You can see the texture im working on here:

In game however, the eyes are bright and the stripe does not appear like it does in photoshop. It looks very muddy and darkened, however the color is still present.

I know very little about texture editing and modding games, but i believe the issue is that i need to edit the lightmap of the texture? I could use help in finding where to find lightmaps and how to edit them. Ive looked online for tutorials but couldnt find any for KOTOR. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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