Your lot is 60x60 at any height!

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Your lot is 60x60 at any height!

Postby RepSharpshooter » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:24 am

There are a few betas and wips that are 60x60 at the base, but have a large vertical structure that flairs out at the top, overlapping onto adjacent lots. At this very moment it is not a problem, but if everyone does this we'll have an intersecting mass of buildings on our hands shortly :| So I ask that you please keep all structures within a 60m x 60m region extending upwards (there is no height restriction per say, but please keep it around ~350m max). To give you an estimate, the upper streets are 175m tall.

Mav yours is probably fine unless it hits FragMe!'s or whoever moves in next to you. Thats why it would be good to keep it within the 60x60 region, you never know if it will be a problem until they all get put together and it's too late.

If a building does intersect another at any point, the out-of-bounds building's owner will be asked to conform to the bounding region. I'm sorry I did not make this clear at the beginning, but I see it as a potential problem that needs to be regulated. Thanks everyone :)

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