A question about a rule.

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A question about a rule.


The rules wrote:•Using resources from another game without permission
If commercial models or textures have been released to the public (in other words, their source files) then you are safe to convert them to SWBF1/2. If no source files were released you have ZERO permission to use them, and doing so will result in a 30 day ban.

I have been wondering about this for some time, this rule seems to be bent quite a lot. For example, the source files for the (2002) Star Wars The Clone Wars game were never released by Lucasarts to the public, and the models and textures (excluding the ones Phsyc0Fred released) were indeed ripped from the game.
Another example would be Maxleof's Tie Fighters. He used ripped TFU textures for the models, as they were a higher res. Mav warned him that any maps and mods made with his Tie Fighters and textures would not be allowed on SWBF Files, but Maxleof never got a 30 day ban, and he did release the Tie models he made with the TFU textures.

My point is thus. Is this rule enforced anymore? Or is it just bent and forgotten often?
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Re: A question about a rule.

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Methinks this should have been a PM to the admins rather than a topic of open discussion...

Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, the part about commercial models/textures being released to the public via open source code is what makes it ok. But I could be mistaken.
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