Jedi Academy: Model help

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Jedi Academy: Model help

Post by Zeaban »

I have finished all the stats for the npc in question, bur lack any skill with modeling. For those of you that know how to rip data and play swtor, I would like to have a model from swtor used as this npc's model, but as stated, I have no idea how. For those of you who can help with this, the info is below.


body type 3
head 2
scars 1
complexion 2
eycolor 3
tatoos 4
horns/hair 13
skin color 3


Sith Annihilator's Chestguard
Foeseeker's gauntlets
Battlescarred Force-Lord Belt
Sector Ranger's leggings
Sith Annihilator's

Anyone who does do this and can link me the download, When I innevitably make an update vid on my youtube channel, you will be given full credit for the model, and will be linked in the vid, description, and comments. For this reason, please provide the link you would like me to use in crediting you when you send me the download. Thanks greatly in advanced, and sorry for taking up your time.

Here are some really bad screenshots for those who can't rip but can directly model.

Head Front:
Head right:
Head left:
Head back:

Once again, thank you greatly for your time.
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