Mouse lag and other problem ONLY when online

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Mouse lag and other problem ONLY when online

Post by NoseDevilEugen »

So, basically SWB2 plays totally okay when in singleplayer mode.
But im only get laggy mouse movement (not only aiming, but pointer in menu, too), even when i am host
And it happens only and only when i create or join online (internet or lan) game. ... 770626421/ - this dude totally described exactly the same problem. Anyone know how to fix it?

The thing is - in any kind of singleplayer mode (campany, instant), things totally ok: everything smooth and precise.
But even if i create LAN game as host (i have a real LAN connection here, without third-party software), and play alone, as host, things get worse. Mouse pointer is laggy, aiming (in both 1st person and 3rd person modes) is accelerated, grenades looks laggy, lightsabers looks laggy etc. Besides this, everything is totally ok.

I know that bad connection can create some lags and things like this, but i can't understand, why such things happens when i create a LAN game in my LAN. It looks like those things just hardcoded for online mode, but why?

Tried on three PCs, on Win7 and WinXP, with different mouses. Same aiming issues.
Its easy to notice the difference between mouse pointer in main menu and in online mode. I can post some video if its needed.
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