Gistech's A280 and A280-CFE (with mods)

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Gistech's A280 and A280-CFE (with mods)

Postby ggctuk » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:51 pm

Here are my new A280 and A280CFE models. These are all near-from-scratch models (with parts borrowed from my earlier A280C and A180 models). I'm not using the SWBF3 model as a base, only as a rough guide for mesh placement. There are four models in the pack: two versions of the A280 (with the different shoulder guards), and the A280-CFE in both pistol and sniper configuration, as well as the 'mod' versions of the sniper configuration that can be found in the new Battlefront game.

Fun fact is that the A280CFE Sniper Rifle configuration is practically identical to the standard rifle configuration of the A300, so technically you're getting five weapons here and not four.




-Pandemic for the mod tools.
-Textures from Google images and the Rogue One Visual Guide
-EA/DICE for some texture parts carried over from the A-180 and for a small snippet of texture taken from a screenshot of SWBF2.

EDIT: Updated because the scope was comically small so I've adjusted it.
EDIT #2: Updated the post with newer versions of all guns, which have better proportions. I also went full-hog and created all the mod attachment versions of the A280CFE (there's several variations not shown in the screenshots).

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