Modding BF2 and BF2142 *Tools and Tutorials*

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Modding BF2 and BF2142 *Tools and Tutorials*

Post by Dragon93 »

Here you can find all the tools and tutorials needed to mod BF2/BF2142.

BF2/BF2142 Modding Information


Checklist for making a complete map

11 things of wisdom : Tips for Mappers

Changing the cursors in game menus

Creating your own fonts

Custom Color/Detail maps and Material ID’s

Custom Loading Music

Getting HUD icons ingame

Converting BF42 skies to BF2

Creating Loading Screens

The Three Most Confusing Parts of the Editor--Explained

Bf2142 Editor

How To Get Bf2142 Levels To Load In Bf2 Editor

Level Editor

Color, Detail, Undergrowth, Overgrowth all with Terragen

Creating Undergrowth and Overgrowth all with the BF2 Editor

Envmaps Tutorial

Landscape Texturing

Detailed Explanation of Roads

Easier way to add the carrier

Texturing low detail correctly

Overgrowth Shadow Map

Mapping for Special Forces

Snow Texturing


Importing Real World Data into Battlefield 2



Sample Hierarchies for 3DS

Bones for tank treads

Animated UV Wheel Overview

Tank Coding

Making a Basic Helicopter

D-Destructible objects, The Easy Way

Making planes

A complete pictured walkthrough for exporting a given plane to BF2/2142, including Material Setup, Landing Gears and Propeller explanations.


Exporting a weapon (Gmax)

Manipulating mine properties


Creating a soldier model (max)
Description: Learn how to make an entire soldier model for bf2 using 3dsmax7,photoshop7 and finally into the bf2 editor.
Original thread:

Soldier Animations in Maya

Other Modeling

Guidelines for modeling vegetation

Rendering in Gmax

MeshParticleMesh, Alpha and you

Making terrains with Bryce

Making terrains with L3DT


Video Tutorial - 3DSMAX Layeblue Textures

Basic UV mapping guide

Compressing textures

Custom Skins for your Map

Static Mesh Texturing Tutorial (Max)

Getting Snow On Vehicles, Static Weapons And Soldiers

How To Find BF2142 Skins


Creating your first Bot support / Navmesh

Full Single player Editor and Navmesh Tutorials


Create a custom game mode

Generate MD5 checksums for content checking


Ambient Sound explained

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RE: Modding BF2 and BF2142 *Tools and Tutorials*

Post by OGEB1103 »

Thats wierd i went to sticky it and it said that it already was but it seems to have worked now. Great infor ya got here i've had a try but i really need som help with my modding. I just wish they'd bring out BF2142 Mod Tools.