[Read First] SWBF2 PSP Mod Rules

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[Read First] SWBF2 PSP Mod Rules

Postby AnthonyBF2 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:08 pm

There need to be some rules for this subforum. They are short and should be easy to follow.

The primary rule is that we aren't allowed to discuss console modifications, console hacking, how to get games, how to get emulators and anything regarding piracy. This isn't my rule, this is the GameToast rule we must all follow. You're responsible for figuring out all of those things on your own outside of this website.

The next important rule is to make sure you post in the proper subforum related to the SWBF2 PSP mods. If you're looking for the latest version, check the subforum that's listing a download. If you're having trouble with the SWBF2 PSP mods, please make a post in the bugs & issues thread.

The other rules are just common sense that go for the entire website; don't use bad language, don't type in all caps, don't post pirated content, don't post adult material, don't insult others and don't try to do the job of the moderators.

Thank you.

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