Fanmade Battlefront 3 Inspired Game "The Galactic Civil War"

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Fanmade Battlefront 3 Inspired Game "The Galactic Civil War"

Post by The Nasal Abyss »

Very interesting, and actually looks like it's farther along than the leaked builds of Free Radical's Battlefront III. Have no clue if this thing is going to last long before EA/Disney discover it and nuke it from orbit, but it's pretty cool to tinker with! Not really the most fun game as it stands, but it's still very early.

Link to IndieDB:
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Re: Fanmade Battlefront 3 Inspired Game "The Galactic Civil

Post by Teancum »

Looks pretty good for the version its running on. It's running in Unity which isn't surprising. It makes visuals very nice very quickly. Plus animation-wise the developer can quickly buy asset packs, etc. so I see this moving forward quickly so long as EA doesn't hit them with a cease and desist.

Realistically, though -- it'll get shut down once it gets enough attention, and the reality is the developer(s) won't keep their interest long enough without some big attention.
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