Star Wars General Discussion forum rules

Any discussion related to the Star Wars trilogies or their various spawn. Keep all Battlefront-series-related discussion out.

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Star Wars General Discussion forum rules

Postby Maveritchell » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:24 pm

To help keep things nice and orderly, we've more or less split the off-topic forum in two. Because a large number of the topics in there tend to be Star Wars related, and because this is after all a pseudo-Star-Wars-fansite, the split is moving all Star Wars-related discussion into this forum.

The same rules that apply in the off-topic forum (and all of them, really) apply here. Feel free to post anything Star Wars related in here, whether it relates explicitly to the movies or not. We do encourage you to put a bit of thought into your posts, because we'd like nothing better than not seeing a forum of "Best X" topics. But feel free to post whatever you want so long as it is Star Wars related and is not Battlefront-related.

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