Yet another star wars fan project

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Yet another star wars fan project

Post by iamastupid »



Yet another ambitious Star Wars Fan project has started, and guess who is the developer! Me! Yay!

My Discord Server:
Here are loads of pictures:
Discord is currently the central hub, so all info will be there.
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Re: Yet another star wars fan project

Post by Kingpin »

Looks interesting. Keep up the good work!
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Re: Yet another star wars fan project

Post by Teancum »

Interesting! It's an ambitious project to be sure. I've recently started back up the Dark Forces mod for Jedi Academy as well. I've got two more levels near completion, new weapons coded, and several new player models thanks to the community ... ic/page-22

Good luck!
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Re: Yet another star wars fan project

Post by Anakin »

Looks great so far. Just a few things:
Ee3 = shotgun???
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