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Re: XSI Mod Tool/JKA modding resources

Postby minilogoguy18 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:06 pm

http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modd ... guide.html

Thread I put together a while back on another site, has many useful links and best of all JA can be modded solely with freeware!

[Local copy of post]

Myself and a few others have successfully got player models in game using Corto's new skeleton for Mod Tool 7.5 but I'll leave the null one up for the pro's. No more need for the older Mod Tool 6.

Skeleton files and animation sequences

NEW! Mod Tool 7.5 _humanoid skeleton+tags <--All credit goes to Corto only rehosting as link died
Null skeleton and tags, JA specific <--Huge thanks to Corto for making this (Agustin Lavia)
Raven Animation and Model Source Files Part 1
Raven Animation and Model Source Files Part 2
Raven Animation and Model Source Files Part 3

Tutorials and references

Character set up guide video <--Coming soon!!

dotXSI export options

Assimilate settings

Creating custom animations using Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 video tutorial

link to video

Raven SDK's

JK2 SDK (contains useful things for JA as well)
JK2 Editing Tools 2.0 (also has things for both JO and JA as well as tutorials)
Modeling/Skinning guide and tools
JA SDK (anything in here that is in the JO version you'll want to replace with these)

Have now used Mod Tool 7.5 for various things and works for characters, vehicles and animations for both so there is no need to use an older version. I'm also going to update this post constantly on other things like the process of compiling your character.

Time for a new age led by a freeware program. Animations can even be done with it, far more complex ones that would take 10x longer with dragon.

Removed link for JO skeleton as that can be obtained from the JK2 SDK by importing either Kyle or the Stormtrooper, just make sure on the import options only animation is checked. Some bones may be skewed, just change the animation frame and it should correct itself and you'll have them all rigged up with LOD's and tags.

Softimage|XSI Downloads

Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool 7.5

Must Have XSI Plug-in's

Roadkill UV Tool for Mod Tool 7.5
The page in this link will show exactly how to set it all up to work with Mod Tool 7.5. With this you will be able to unwrap complex character geometry in a fraction of the time even if you are already good with XSI's powerful UV tools. This app/plugin is really amazing.

.OBJ Exporter for Mod Tool 7.5
The .OBJ exporter is capped normally in Mod Tool as its freeware not intended for commercial use but this add on allows exporting to the format used by multiple applications to import/export models making it very useful. Read up on the formats limitations, most notably the fact that it doesn't support bones or animations, just basic geometry and their UV coordinates.

.3DS Importer for Mod Tool 7.5
.3DS is another universal format that was developed by Autodesk back in 1990 to transfer poly meshes and their UV coordinates across multiple applications, not intended for commercial use.

Useful links

Main Page - XSI Wiki
XSI Base - Softimage XSI Community
XSI Base - Softimage XSI Community
Letterbox Animation Studios

Updated with video tutorial on custom rig and how to use it in Mod Tool 7.5 to make your own character animations. Maybe there are people in this community that mod Jedi Academy considering how popular it is to port models from it to swbf2.

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