JA Models and Radient

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JA Models and Radient

Postby jangoisbaddest » Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:26 pm

Hello! Just picked up GTKRadient 1.5.0 and learning is going very smoothly! I probably sound noobish when I say this, but I had no idea how cool 3D enviornment construction could be for JA!

That said, I have hit one snag. I can't get models from the game's assets ingame. My tut (which is outdated and concerns Outcast modding, but many principles are similar or the same) tells me to hit cancel when I create a misc_model entity and the file browser comes up, and instead to create a new paramiter "model" with the value "models\map_objects\...and so on." (Yes, I browse to the model to make sure the destination is correct and the file exists). This seems to be good advice, as I cannot open a pk3 file in the file browser, nor can I even see it. But the wierd thing is that before, when I hit cancel, radient would still draw an untextured box for me, and now, it doesn't at all once I hit cancel....nor can I find it on the grid. So...what the heck? Am I missing some fundamental technique, or something different because I'm using JA? Is my program screwed up? I'm rather confused. Thanks in advance for any insight you might provide.

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