Technical Advice Forum Rules: Read Before Posting

How To's, Questions, and Solutions for problems. This covers anything from computer hardware problems to software recommendations to tutorials for various software programs.

Note: Neither Gametoast nor any of its members/visitors are responsible for any damage to your computer as a result from advice given in this forum. Follow advice at your own risk and be sure to back up any important files.

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Technical Advice Forum Rules: Read Before Posting

Post by ShadowHawk »

This forum is meant to help the community with their various problems or questions they encounter with their computers. Before posting and replying, you must follow these rules:

  1. All subject titles must pertain to the question or problem. No HEEELPP! or Need some advice, or other such subject titles. Titles like Restoring an OS or What is a good Graphics Card for my System are acceptable.
  2. All questions must be as detail as possible. Example, when asking about an OS problem, give full specs including os and version. When describing a side effect, tell what you did before it started and what you did to try to fix it before you asked (sometimes it can turn into a compound problem that involves not only fixing the original problem, but also the problem you now created). ALWAYS give os info. Some fixes, software, hardware, and methods don't always work on every operating system.
  3. All replies must be useful. No short answers or comments that have nothing to do with the question in hand. Basically no "Did you see the last episode for Lost yesterday?" on a "What CPU do you Prefer?" thread.
  4. Absolutely no bumping of the threads allowed unless it is an update to the question (solution found or a similar issue happened that the topic solution did not resolve in that case).
  5. Absolutely no links to pirated software or questions on how to get such software working. If you pirated it, support it yourself. Part of that money goes to the Technical Support Team's meager hourly wages (if it hadn't already been outsourced to India).
  6. all other rules not mention in this post can also be found in the General Site Rules and must be followed.
  7. Most of all POST IF A SOLUTION WORKED OR NOT!!! I have seen many forums that a person had a problem, and several solutions were given, but nothing was heard from the person again. Some of the solutions didn't work and were a waste of browsing time. So please give thanks to the person that solved your problem. They worked hard to get the experience they have and you're getting it free.

If any of these rules are broken. The poster will be subject to disciplinary actions ranging from a warning to immediate banning at the discretions of the administrators.