XSI Foundation 30 Day Trial Software

How to create models in XSI and other 3D applications and make them work in Battlefront 1 & 2. Post models, tips for application usage and share anything XSI, 3DMax, SketchUp, etc.

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XSI Foundation 30 Day Trial Software

Postby Teancum » Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:03 pm

XSI is the software that will allow you to get any new 3d content or animations into SWBF2 using the Pandemic Tools.

ONLY these commercial versions of XSI work properly with the Pandemic Tools:
    Foundation 4.x - 5.x
    Essentials 4.x - 5.x
    Advanced 4.x - 5.x

You cannot purchase a license for any of these versions because they are old, unsupported and have been discontinued, but we were fortunate enough to obtain 4 of the XSI Foundation trial installers.

The Pandemic Tools are fully functional in these full version trials for 30 days:

The 4 trials above will give you a combined 120 days or 4 months of exporting, this is more than enough time for anyone to learn to use it and get their own 3d content into the game!

If you're not familiar with XSI then download the Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 software first and learn how to use it. When you feel comfortable enough with XSI you can install the trial versions and start exporting without wasting your trial days.

Since scene (*.scn) files aren't backwards compatible it would be best to install the 4.2 trial first, then once that trial runs out install 5.0 then 5.1 then 5.11 so you'll be able to open your unfinished scenes from earlier versions in later ones.

Download the SWBF2 Pandemic Tools Here:

The Pandemic Tools are not compatible with any version of the free XSI Mod Tool or full commercial versions of XSI 6 or higher. You'll need to use ANDE's XSI ZETools for those, more information can be found here.

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