Target Level

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Target Level

Post by kajong »

This level is dedicated to all the new people to SWBFII! What this level is is...
A new, cool, easy way to get awards. It is only Clone Wars (in reality... It's both, but I crashed GCW :oops: ) It has droids with targets on their heads and chests.
All the droids have are... 3 sets of infanaite (is that spelled right) recon droids, and tri shot. 3 recons means haveing 3 recons on the field at the same time...
so you can switch between them 8). These are the sides...
~REPUBLIC~ ( a * means not infanite ammo)
~Basic Trooper
(unaltered rifleman (trooper))
~Heavy Awarder
Rocket Launcher
sniper rifle
~Light Awarder
fusion cutter
health+ammo dispenser
~Basic Trooper2
rocket launcher
~TK 327 (for whipping up droids when you are satisfied with the amount of awards you've gotten)
lightsaber (blue (Obi's moves))
pistol (doesn't give you the award pistol when you get the gunslinger award)
*force grenade
force push
~Bob (Jet trooper)
lightsaber (blue (dooku moves))
sniper rifle
something else...

Tri shot
Recon droid
Recon droid
Recon droid

Tri shot
Recon droid
Recon droid
Recon droid

~Shielded target (droideka)
(unaltered except it's blue)

anyway... it's very close to completion! Might take out Bob for various reasons...

yup... there goes Bob... :cry:

for some reason, I can't get rid of him... apparently, no one cares about this thread at all, but... I'll still work on it and give "you" updates on the progress... I'm testing a modded rocket launcher and I'm hoping it will work. I hope someone will post... anyway, I forgot to take TAR (the level) out of the addon folder before I munged t so I'm doing that now... anyone gonna post here :? ? when I make a RELEASED thread when it is released, maybe that will get your attention...

I think I got the jet guy out... please post!!!!!!!!!! :( <-- me begging

an update on troopers...
-everyone has add health, meaning that they constantly gain health
-Bob was replaced by cloaked anakin
-heavy trooper has modded rocket launcher
-recons have add health and fly higher
-AATs are even worse than before with no rockets and non hurting lasers
I needed to edit a lot to keep from spamming :( *sigh* anyway...
and for your enjoyment...
How fast TK 327 can really go...

uploading on filefront! its going a lot faster then it did my last mod :D

DONE ... einfo.html
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