Star Wars: Homefront

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Star Wars: Homefront

Postby Robobermann » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:00 pm

What it does: Homefront is a mod dedicated to improving the gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront 2. It does this by adding custom eras to every map which will appear in the game menu as "Homefront CW" and "Homefront GCW." These eras will contain a variety of game modes which include conquest, hero assault, campaign, and a few custom game modes as well such as order 66 and a hilarious game mode which I love to call "Jar Jar's Revenge." I also hope to add space assault in the future. It features custom units, heroes, turrets, etc, better sounds, custom voices, better visuals (although perhaps not as much as seen in other mods), and it makes the game 100x more intense than the vanilla game (my friend literally asked me if the vanilla game was this intense). You can play this mod online vanilla or with Homefront.

What is in the demo: The demo includes Conquest, Hero Assault, Campaign, Order 66, and Jar Jar's Revenge game modes across the maps of Naboo and Coruscant.

Design philosophy: My aim is make sides that improve the game without "overdoing it" in terms of custom units. Every unit should feel like it belongs in the game. Nothing weird like rebels wearing clone trooper armor. Every unit should feel like it offers something that no other unit is capable of: none should feel redundant. In total, each faction has 8-9 units, and those units will vary depending on the map you are playing to make things more asymmetrical and to reduce repetition. At times I have sacrificed game balance for the sake of making things more fun or lore friendly, although I try not to do so if it's not worth it. Feel free to call me out for anything that does not follow this philosophy, or really anything in general that you find weird or aren't a huge fan of.

Future plans: I will definately add space assault. Maybe I will add hero assault on more maps and do xl, uber and hunt game modes. I would like to change vehicle spawns and add locals to more command posts. I hope for improved character models. Maybe i'll see if I can convert the SWBF1 maps (don't count on it). We will see what else will happen.


1) Install the v1.3 patch

2) Download and extract the contents of this mod

3) Move the ABD folder to the addon folder where you have installed the 1.3 patch

4) That's all :)

I would like to thank the communities at Gametoast and SWBF Gamers for their assets and advice. There is a full credits list in the readme. Enjoy the mod :)

Download the Demo here:

A note to modders: If you are interested in helping out, I can can use people who can convert models to SWBF2, do custom textures, effects, animations (really anything relating to visuals), but especially converting models to swbf2 since I am currently in dire need in this area.

If you would like to see mostly up to date gameplay, here are videos for each faction:

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