Episode 2 Clones mod available for download

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Episode 2 Clones mod available for download

Post by Drawde »

http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~pinni ... nesMod.zip
(about 300KB in size).
Feel free to host this file on your own website if you want.

Mod description, copied from the readme.txt:

"This is a simple mod for Star Wars:Battlefront 2 which adds Episode 2-style Clone Troopers (replacing the
standard 501st Episode 3-style Clones), normally only seen on Geonosis, to the following maps (Clone Wars era):

Tatooine (Mos Eisley)
Tatooine (Jabba's Palace)
Yavin IV

All other maps (including all the space maps), other than Geonosis, use Episode 3 Clones.

Note that this mod does not change the appearance of Clone Commanders, as this class does not have an Episode 2-style model."

RE: Episode 2 Clones mod available for download

Post by Orix »

Great stuff! Cant wait to give it a whirl.

Post by RDST »

very nice. Simple et elegant. However, you should hex edit the ep.II ARC clone/model as the commander :?
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Post by EraOfDesann »

Nice mod and good map choices! 10/10 :D

I also agree that the clone commander model should be replaced with the ARC trooper one. :wink:
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Post by DakkerDB »

Yeah... the commandER (not commando) should be replaced with something else. >>

Post by sh4d0wl0rd »

E.g. with the guy in the Kamino campaign mission (Ep2-ARC skin and minigun)

Post by JAFFA »

Is this just a skin job or do they have different weapons too?

Post by sh4d0wl0rd »

Well, In the Kamino campaign level there are ep2-ARC clones carrying a minigun.

Post by RDST »

JAFFA wrote:Is this just a skin job or do they have different weapons too?

no it just replaces the Ep.III on a few maps with Ep.II models, nothing else.

Post by Drawde »

Thanks for the feedback.
I don't think I'll be releasing another version of this mod until the mod tools are released (if they ever are).
There's not much more I can do with hex-editing mission.lvl due to the problems with name length limits.

Changing the model for the Clone Commander is a good idea, but this would probably require editing the Republic side
file (rep.lvl) which is about 100MB. I can't replace it with the Kamino campaign ARC trooper, as the name for this (rep_inf_ep2_rocketeer_chaingun) is far too long to replace rep_inf_ep3_officer.
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Post by Delta_57_Dash »

ya, lucasarts went ahead and made the names uber long, so hex-editting is impossible to replace anything with the anti-troopers... now as for acklays... hmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmm

Post by Neon »

The commander should be the yellow ep2 clone, just like in the movies.
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