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Battlefront Reimagined

Post by AddieB »

This project aims to use BFX sides and recreate the maps from EA's Battlefront in classic Battlefront 2 fashion..
minimal progress as of now, because my BF2 modtools are "artarded".. I posted in the Modding Forums about this problem but I figured I would announce my ideas..
I plan on recreating to my liking, the maps from this new game that I can hardly run on my dinosaur 2008 Sony Vaio and sharing these maps with all those who'd rather duke it out in BF2..
I have no idea of creating sides, or how to make a map use BFX sides, so I could use all the advice I can get.. while I plan on recreating maps like Tatooine and Sullust, I also plan on tackling Jakku and a few other places.. Starkiller base might be on my list too.. I definitely want to make an Executor vs. Home One SPACE BATTLE!
who ever thought of that one, eh? I'd just need an Executor model and have it ported as a capital ship or something like that.. definitely with dual hangars on either side of both ships, one hangar per ship is NOT efficient.. anyone have assets or smarts to contribute, your input is welcome and will receive your curtain calls in the README.. many thanks to all who help, as this map pack may be a bit more than I know how to do..
and May the Force be with all of You! :mrgreen: