Loadscreen in all modes? (FAQ)

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Postby squipple » Tue Mar 20, 2007 4:58 pm

If I'm understanding your broken english correctly, you want a new loadscreen for each mode.

This is done pretty easily.
Follow this tutorial with a few changes..

For each new screen you want, make a new req and screenshot in your Load directory and name them something unique to your mode. For example, in a world named ABC, if I wanted one screenshot for conquest and one for ctf, I'd have ABC_con.req, ABC_ctf.req, calling their respective tga files in the req "ABC_con" and "ABC_ctf"

Then in your luas under common/scripts, just call the appropriate lvl file per mode. ie. in your ABC_con.lua, make sure the line is

I'd suggest not going overboard with the screenshots though, as is adds another 3MB or so to your map for every screen.

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