Designated Days Mod [Submitted Maps]

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Designated Days Mod [Submitted Maps]

Postby RevanSithLord » Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:19 pm

Firstly, I thought this the best place for this topic.

I just came here to say that on SWBFCustom we added a subforum under the hosted mods section called "Designated Days: Submitted Maps". The purpose of that thread is for fans, guests, and members to submit their maps and assets to the thread if they would like us to adapt it to the Designated Days series. If requested, we could also send people, or release, some basic props that are used in general throughout the series, such as hedgehogs, bunkers, cannons (that can be turned into AI turrets), etc.

We have a total of 6 eras. 3 planned, 3 in progress. If you would like to submit it for certain eras, here's the template/guideline for everyone to go off of:

3. Let us know which era it will be in. For example: "Map Name [ID]" or "[ID] Map Name" <--- Imperial Days.

3a. Quick list of era prefixes: DD (The main mod), ED (Early Days), PtW or PW (Prelude to War), ID (Imperial Days), FOR (First Order Rising), TOR (The Old Republic).

You may e-mail us at directly or post in this topic: ... -maps-here

We may eventually make individual topics for each mapper within this forum: ... itted-maps

I love Gametoast, always have. This reason alone is why I am sharing it. We want to interact with the whole of the Battlefront modding community. We love collaboration and we'd love to add your maps to this great saga. :)

Contact me or Icemember via PM. He's been really going to town on the Imperial Days series lately! I highly recommend registering if you want to see everything. I'm not sure if guests can view it all, so I'd give it a shot. Let Battlefront I/II modding continue, my friends!

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