Updated [GT] Official Clan rules , if your [GT] plz read...

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Updated [GT] Official Clan rules , if your [GT] plz read...

Postby guru » Thu Mar 24, 2005 3:37 am

You will agree to these terms if you are [GT] , or signing up to join us. You must adhere to these regulations as they are being enforced from this day forth.

1. Dont Cheat in any game [GT] is involved.

no GT member will cheat or use glitches to gain advantage over any /all players.

Should credible accusations of cheating or gliching occur, the member will be subject to a comprehensive examination of their actions by leader or an admiral of [GT].


GT will from time to time and in certain games have allies , these wil be listed on the main page of gametoast.com and will list how/why we are allies and for which game we have aligned.

2. Basic Leadership in [GT]

Dont complain if a leader/admiral or higher ranked clan member ask you for assistance (under normal instances/curcumstances)

all orders have to be followed, whether in combat, training or in daily GT duties, of course real life is first.


all GT members will be on continueous active status until they login to their accounts and set up non active status or notify GT leaders/officers to do so. All others are considered active and SHOULD participate in the clan events/batlles/scheduled duties. If you cant come to an event just let us know in the forums/pm someone. We always understand.

GT should practice using teamspeak but you are not required to use it and for gameplay for at least 2-5 hours a week. Or 1 practice session with as many GT as can show , once per week. At least 4 games should be played a month by as many players in the clan as possible. But participating is NEVER required.


GT primarily is a group of modders who have come together in something they all love.

if an issue can be resolved on a reasonable and friendly basis it will.

GT accepts all real life needs and commitments. GT will not put any member into a decision between real life success and GT.

if a member decides to leave GT the decision will be upheld and not questioned. And good luck to you.


promotions and awards will be handed out based on the following sorted principles:
a) dedication
b) attendance
c) conduct
d) teamwork
e) performance

positions will be assigned based on the following sorted principles:
a) dedication
b) leadership abilities
c) teamwork


GT members respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed.

GT members respect non-GT personel in the same way as GT members (although youll know deep inside , that you pwn).

sportsman like behavior is mandatory.

always remember: out there, a GT member is not perceived as an individual but as a GT representative. all its conduct will fall back on GT.


no moonlighting or membership in another organization utilizing the same simulators as GT is allowed. If you are in other clans you cant compete with GT.


GT's official language is English. We use Teamspeak which you can locate the server info in the forums at gametoast.com. Please feel free to install teamspeak from teamspeak.org and use/ have it on for events and game play. But again even I myself will most likely not use Ts more than a few games a month as I play mostly late at night while others are sleeping nearby.


We dont know anything about you and dont want to. If you post stuff in your profile it is safe and will not be sold to email spam lists. When /if you leave the clan your infomation , which is just from gametoast.com in most cases will be deleted or your account left open with 100% secure/privacy.

I think that covers it..... We are very glad your a part of us and HAVE FUN!
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